Software and Web Development

Software Development

 One of the biggest cost savings in an academic institution or commercial business is turning paper-based processes into online systems. The ETC has developed multiple web-based applications that take traditional paper-based online. Our customized software includes:

  • Online training
  • Online letters of recommendation
  • Online tenure and promotion
  • Online contracts and online scholarship applications and awards.

Web Development and Consulting Services

The ETC specializes in setting up Content Management Systems (CMS) to make it easy for you to maintain your web site.  Let us set up your site, train you how to use your CMS and then you take over. If you don’t know what you want, we can help you decide. We have years of experience assisting people develop content and navigation strategy for a user-friendly web site. We specialize in website usability.

Drupal and Wordpress are two of the best known CMS softwares in the industry today and the ETC has expertise in setting up both. CMS allows you to update your site with ease whether you need to change text, add photos or create a slide show, add audio files and more.  

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