The Emerging Technology Center (ETC) has been assisting academic, non-profit and for profit businesses for years by developing customized software, web sites, and online survey solutions

The ETC has developed (and maintains) several campus-wide online software programs for ETSU. Those include the following:

  • Online Summer/Winter School Contracts,
  • Online Scholarship Applications,
  • Online Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Training,
  • Online Tenure and Promotion system and,
  • Several online Graduate School software solutions such as Letters of Recommendation, Graduate/Teaching Assistant contracts and Graduate Faculty Status. 

In addition to ETSU, our clients include Middle TN State University, Jackson State Community College, Southwest TN Community College and Northeast State Community College. 

Our web site clients include:

  • Washing County, TN
  • Northeast TN STEM Council
  • Department of Computing at ETSU
  • General Shale (web site usability testing)

Let us know how we can assist you!