ETC Survey System

The Emerging Technology Center designs custom surveys and uses existing academic surveys - such as course evaluations, program/services satisfaction surveys, alumni surveys, etc., - and administers them online. Once data is collected, the ETC analyzes the results and prepares reports according to your needs. All surveys are hosted on a secure server ensuring that survey respondents have complete anonymity. Our online surveys are user-friendly and designed for maximum effectiveness. We are dedicated to giving our clients top notch technical and analytical expertise and excellent customer service in a timely manner.

The ETC has a partnership with the Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC) to evaluate the entire Tennessee Regents Online Degree Program (RODP). The purpose of this partnership is to administer online academic surveys, collect and analyze the survey data, and securely distributes the results to specific audiences such as Chief Academic Officers, department chairs, and individual faculty.

RODP surveys, as well as surveys for Tennessee Technology Centers (TTC), ETSU, and Motlow State, are delivered within D2L course management software. Other surveys, such as those provided for the TN Department of Education and the RODP nursing program, are sent through e-mail.