The ETC is a self-supported IT business that falls under the umbrella of the Department of Computing at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). First created in 2004 and officially recognized by the university in 2006, the ETC offers IT services to both academic and non-profit clients. The Center utilizes the talents of top CS students, both graduate and undergraduate students. The Center employs two Graduate Assistants. All undergraduate student workers are paid an hourly wage. Computer Science faculty and staff are also hired for their expertise as needed.


In the early years, the main type of work/service being performed by the ETC was web site development for multiple clients and online survey administration and analysis for the TBR Regents Online Degree (RODP) program. Our projects have evolved over the years with the main focus now being software development and survey administration. The ETC has developed (and maintains) several campus-wide online software programs for ETSU. Those include the following:

  • Online Summer/Winter School Contracts,
  • Online Scholarship Applications,
  • Online Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Training,
  • Online Tenure and Promotion system and,
  • Several online Graduate School software solutions such as Letters of Recommendation, Graduate/Teaching Assistant contracts and Graduate Faculty Status.

 In addition to developing software/systems for ETSU, several other TBR institutions have contracted with the ETC to provide online EHS Training. Our system is also adaptable for commercial businesses. 

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