Survey System

The ETC Survey System’s purpose is to administer online surveys for numerous clients. This system handles report generation and distribution for those clients. The system allows for both course based (e.g. Course Evaluations) and non-course based (e.g. Student Services) surveys.

Environmental Health and Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for development, oversight, and management of environmental health and safety programs that protect the environment, provide safe and healthy conditions for work and study, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Graduate Letters of Recommendation

Online Graduate Letters of Recommendation is an online service that allows graduate school applicants to solicit letters of recommendations to be sent to the graduate school. The system provides an interface for referrers to input and/or upload the recommendation. The recommendation is then uploaded to a network share where the program specialist can process it.

Graduate Contracts

Graduate Contracts is an online service to facilitate the creation and acceptance of graduate assistantship/tuition scholarship (GATS). This system guides departmental, graduate studies, and administrative staff through the process of creating and signing the contract online.

Our Clients

About ETC

The Emerging Technology Center is a division of the ETSU Department of Computing that gives students an opportunity for real world experience under the guidance of faculty and staff. We provide technological design, development, and maintenance services to educational organizations and non-profit businesses.

The projects are developed using a well-defined Software Engineering process, including requirements gathering, project analysis and design, implementation, testing, and maintenance, with special emphasis on usability and security.




  • Facilities Management has partnered with the ETC on a number of successful projects over the last few years.  The ETC provides professional technical support with an understanding of how our facilities organization fits within the campus community.  They tailor their services to your needs and budget.  I have found the experience to be professional with an excellent end product that was delivered as scheduled and within budget. My thanks to ETC for their valued service.

    Bill Rasnick, Associate Vice President Facilities Management, ETSU
  • We have worked with ETSU’s ETC to develop two systems so far, an electronic system for our graduate assistant contracts and an electronic letter of recommendation system for applications.  Both of these facilitate our operations and streamline the workflow. The LOR system works well with our electronic application referral system and the GA contract system has really smoothed out the process and made it more transparent.  The folks at ETC are fantastic to work with and we are exploring additional processes and opportunities.

    Cecilia McIntosh, Dean, School of Graduate Studies, ETSU